Staff and Volunteer Directory

Photo Name Title Email Phone Website
Photo for Arndt, Catherine Arndt, Catherine Parish Trustee Website
  Coyle, Thomas J. Pastor 920-674-9619 Website
  Davis, Ivan Parish Council Website
Photo for Donley, Steven Donley, Steven Parish Council and Pastoral Committee Website
  El-Beri, Jodi Coordinator of Religious Education, Adult Education, and Baptism Preparation Email 920-674-2025 Website
  Endl, Scott Parish Council Website
Photo for Gehring, Gina Gehring, Gina Parish Council Secretary Website
  Haffelder, Michelle Parish Council President Website
  Hampton, Nicole Parish Council Website
Photo for Helman, Rick Helman, Rick RCIA Website
  Kiesling, Donna Office Manager 920-674-2025 Website
  Loof, Annie Parish Council Website
  Loof, Sue Email 920-674-5821 Website
  Perez, Lizzett Hispanic Ministry and Pastoral Council 920-253-8464 Website
  Schuette, Theresa Parish Council Website
  Tinkle, Terry Parish Council Vice President Website
  Topel, Tiffany Director of Religious Education/Youth Ministry Email 920-674-2025 Website
Photo for Whitstone, Susan Whitstone, Susan Website