Seasonal Mass Times





Pastorate Mass Changes Effective July 1, 2023


Friends in Christ,
Greetings from your new parochial administrator!  While I will not officially begin my new role until July 1, 2023, I wanted to take this opportunity to communicate some very important information about the Mass schedule for the entire pastorate which will begin on July 1, 2023.
You will notice that there are significant changes to the Mass schedule.  The decision to make these significant changes was required by the fact that we have a pastorate that covers a very large territory and we have to allow travel time for the priests to cover the tri-county area.  
These changes are not made lightly, and they have been discussed with your outgoing pastor, the new team of priests for the pastorate, and Bishop Hying.
While this new Mass schedule will be in effect beginning July 1, it will need to be reevaluated as we continue with our Into the Deep Strategic Plan.  As parishes are merged sometime next year, it will be important to recall some of the goals of the plan concerning our liturgies: 1) to reclaim the Sabbath and Eucharist as the center of parish life; 2) to have more than 50% of our liturgies at greater than 50% capacity; 3) to have better coordination between parishes with Mass times, Confession times, etc.; and 4) to have no more than 3 weekend Masses per priest.  Thus, while this initial schedule is meant to serve us as we begin our pastorate, it will need to be evaluated and adjusted, if needed, to ensure we are meeting the goals of Into the Deep.
Here is the new Mass schedule with times and locations:
Saturday Vigil Mass
4:00 pm  St Pius Cambridge
4:00 pm  St. Lawrence Jefferson
4:00 pm  St. Joseph Fort Atkinson
5:30 pm  St. John the Baptist Jefferson
5:30 pm  St. Mary Milton
Sunday Mass
8:30 am  St. Pius Cambridge
8:30 am  St. John the Baptist Jefferson
8:30 am  St. Mary Palmyra
10:30 am  St. Joseph Fort Atkinson
10:30 am  St. Mary Milton
11:00 am  Holy Family Marshall (Spanish)
1:00 pm  St. John the Baptist (Spanish)
Daily Masses
7:30 am  SJB Jefferson
8:15 am  St. Pius Cambridge
5:15 pm  St. Joseph Fort Atk
5:15 pm  St. Mary Milton (followed by Adoration/Confession)
6:30 pm  SJB Jefferson (followed by Adoration/Confession)
8:15 am  St. Pius Cambridge
8:15 am  SJB Jefferson
8:15 am  St. Joseph Fort Atk.
8:30 am  St. Mary Milton
10:30 am  Alden Estates Jefferson
8:15 am  St. Pius Cambridge
8:15 am  SJB Jefferson
8:15 am  St. Joseph Fort Atk. (School Mass)
8:30 am  St. Mary Palmyra
4:00 pm St. Lawrence Jefferson
8:15 am  St. Pius Cambridge
8:15 am  St. Joseph Fort Atk.
8:25 am  SJB Jefferson (School Mass)
4:00 pm  SJB Jefferson (Spanish)
8:15 am  SJB Jefferson
I know this schedule is new, different, and difficult, but it is also bold.  Please be patient with me and my brother priests serving you in our Pastorate.  
May we embrace the Cross, hold on to the Altar, and preach the empty tomb.
A special word of thanks to our outgoing pastor for letting me share this news with you.  I look forward to working with you next month, and I pray that all of you will continue to be filled with life and love of the Most Holy Trinity.
St. Joseph, Guardian of the Redeemer, Pray for us,
Msgr. Donn Heiar