How to Register

If you need financial assistance or you plan to be a catechist/core member, you will need to contact us PRIOR to registering (payment is required to complete).  If you need assistance registering online, please contact us!  We would be happy to help.

Si necesita asistencia financiera O planea ser un catequista, deberá comunicarse con nosotros ANTES de registrarse (se requiere el pago para completar el registro). Si necesita ayuda para registrarse en línea, ¡contáctenos! Estaríamos felices de ayudar. 


Read the 2021-22 Registration Letter


2021-2022 Religious Education Calendar


St. Francis of Assisi Religious Education Handbook



Grades K-5 meet from 5:45-7 pm

Grades 6-8 meet from 7:00-8:30 pm

Grades 9 and up meet from 7:00-8:30 pm


We look forward to serving you and your family this fall,


Tiffany Topel, Director of Religious Ed./Youth Ministry     920-674-5433 //                              

Jodi El-Beri, Coordinator of Religious Education              920-674-5433 //

Lizzett Perez, Hispanic Minister                                        920-253-8464 //